Xunantunich and Cave Tubing - Xunantunich and Cave Tubing From San Pedro

Xunantunich and Cave Tubing By Belize Cave Tubing and Mayan Ruins

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Ambergris Caye Tours

Guide to Ambergris Caye tours and things to do in Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye adventure tour company offering private mainland tours from Ambergris Caye. Some of our Ambergris Caye tours include Cave Tubing, Zipline, Belize Zoo, Belize Baboon Sanctuary, Jungle Horseback Riding, Cave Tubing and Zipline, Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo, Cave Tubing and Jungle Horseback Riding, Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Mayan Ruins, Xunantunich and Cave Tubing, Xunantunich and Belize Zoo, Xunantunich and Zipline, Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins just to name a few. All of our tours are family friendly and can be done by most age groups. For more information visit our website:

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Ambergris Caye Luxury Hotels

Guide to Ambergris Caye luxury hotels and Ambergris Caye luxury resorts. Xunantunich and cave tubing company offering private tours from Ambergris Caye. We have put together some of the most exciting combo tours to help you save whilst having a great time. Some of the tour packages are as follow:

·Altun Ha and Cave Tubing

·Altun Ha and Belize City Tour

·Altun Ha and Belize Baboon Sanctuary

·Altun Ha, Cave Tubing, and Zipline

·Altun Ha and Belize Zoo

·Altun Ha  and Zipline

·Belize Cave Tubing

·Belize Zipline

·Belize Cave Tubing and Zipline

·Belize Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo

·Belize Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Belize Zoo

·Belize Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

·Belize Cave Tubing and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

·Belize Cave Tubing and Belize Baboon Sanctuary

·Belize Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Belize Baboon Sanctuary

·Belize Cave Tubing, Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Jungle Horseback Riding

·Lamanai Mayan Ruins

·Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins

·Xunantunich Mayan Ruins With Lunch

·Blue Hole Excursions From Ambergris Caye

·Belize Jungle Horseback Riding

·Xunantunich and Jungle Horseback Riding

All of our tours are family friendly and can be done by most age groups. For more information visit our website:

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Xunantunich and Belize Zoo

Guide to xunantunich and Belize zoo. Your adventure begins as you drive from Belize City on the Western Highway heading for the wildlife habitat known as The Belize Zoo. The Zoo was created as a sanctuary for the country's indigenous species and is now home for an impressive array of large cats, primates, reptiles and birds. A visit to the zoo gives you the opportunity to see Belize's amazing wildlife in one location.

Xunantunich (Maya for "Maiden of the Rock") sits just inside the Western border of Belize to nearby Guatemala. Before reaching the entrance of this ancient city, your party will board a 19th century hand-cranked ferry which takes you across the Mopan River during which there is regular sighting of huge green iguanas. A short shuttle ride from the ferry brings you to the entrance of Xunantunich which is located on one of the highest plateaus in the area. 

After restroom break your group meets at the Visitor's Center for a historical presentation. During your archeological walk you will be looking out for birds and howler monkeys, and your guide will be pointing out interesting and important trees and plants (Copal, Ramon, Cotton, Allspice) which played a major role, both medicinally and as a food source, to the Maya in ancient times. 

Your walk back in time will include viewing of original carved monuments (stellae) which depict Maya rulers and warriors in their full regalia, as well as residential palaces for Maya elites. 

The highlight of your Maya exploration brings you to "El Castillo," the tallest of the temples at this site which is 130 feet from ground level. About half way up the temple you get to appreciate an astronomical carving unique to Xunantunich, depicting Maya gods that was discovered in the 1950s.

Regular price: $150.00 per/ person

Special offer: Group of 4+: $115.00 per/ person

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Please note that the prices of our tours may vary depending on the number of persons booking. This is because we offer strictly private tours.

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Scuba Diving San Pedro Belize

Scuba diving San Pedro, Belize off Belize's magnificent Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world. Our PADI 5 Star Dive Center will take you on a one or two-tank dive in one of our dive boats that you'll never forget.

Take a tour to Belize’s most famous oceanic attraction – the gorgeous, sapphire sinkhole known as the Belize Blue Hole. This tour is purely a sightseeing tour, and while its known as a dive site, the sinkhole actually doesn’t contain much to see. It’s best known for its emptiness, which as just as easily appreciated on a boating tour. When you arrive at the reef around the hole, you'll have the chance to do some snorkeling – bring snorkeling equipment if you're interested.

We are your guide to scuba diving in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, and Caye Caulker.


After a few days of snorkeling and scuba diving in Ambergris Caye, visit the mainland of Belize for some more fun in the jungle and Mayan ruins. We offer private mainland tours to groups of all ages and size. Visit our website:

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